Jumat, Juli 03, 2009


I need Allah's help. I hope Alloh give me to be a lucky person also my husband and my son. My family too.
My husband got the contract of his job until 15 July 2009. I'm so sad to thinking about that,because his company will cut around 20 employees soon, include my husband. I don't know what can I do. I have a little baby, I'm so bussy to do all the thing in my house and others, I'm already headache with many problems with my family specially my old grandmother and my neighbourhood who hasn't paid the electricity and water but he use them, I have 2 old woman and of course I have to resposibility about myself and my husband too. Every month My husband gave the money to his mother for helping her life. Of course if my husband doesn't get any other job. That will be my responsibility too, although my salary will not increase. Please Alloh, give me your help for me and my family. Make me strong with my condition.Amien

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