Rabu, Maret 05, 2008

ONLY FOR A SINGLE PERSON dan bagi yang masih Jomblo...jangan sedih!

Being single can be an amazing experience whether you have been single for a week or single for years. Do not forget how great it is to be single. You have no one else to answer to, you can leave your clothes on the floor, and you can celebrate "you" every day! It may sound selfish, but you are number one in this life, so why not enjoy it and truly embrace the single life.
Here are five ways to improve your single life and have some fun.
Love YourselfWhen we are in a relationship we tend to take care of our partners more than we take care of ourselves. Spend some time doing things you have forgotten to do. Do your nails, get a pedicure, go to a spa with friends or enjoy shopping without someone nagging you about your spending! Treat yourself with even more love than the love you would offer a partner. Have your cake, and eat it too!
Choose a HobbySometimes when we get involved we forget about all the things we use to love. Remember the old days when you used to paint, draw, swim or play tennis? Pick up your old hobbies or find new ones to get involved in and meet new friends. Hobbies are a great way to fill up your empty weekends and evenings. Get busy and start making a list now.
Go on a TripTake a trip by yourself. Sometimes we never get the chance to do this and it might seem a bit scary, but it can provide a wonderful sense of independence and self-growth. Learn how to just be on your own and plan a trip for yourself to somewhere warm and tropical. Going on a trip can be very empowering for a woman, and you might also meet some new friends.
Do It YourselfLearn how to fix things yourself with the many resources you find on the Internet. You don't need a man to fix everything for you and there are many do-it-yourself books out there. Fix the locks, fix your car, just fix. When women become handy they gain a sense of independence and have no need for Mr. Fix It to come to the rescue.
Enjoy the Single LifeEnjoy your own company and just hang out with yourself. Avoid dwelling on who you want to meet and fall in love with. Just appreciate your single self and the fact you can do whatever you want. If newly single, stay out of a relationship for a while and just go with the flow. You will learn a great deal about yourself and what you want in life. Recognize all the beautiful things and traits you have and make a list if you need to. Celebrate who you are and what you have achieved in your life. Love yourself the best way you can.

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